Famateks who export the goods in a wide range market from European to American countries, believes that choosing the highest quality raw material is the starting key point of reaching the top quality and keeping this quality at the same  level for years.
The first quality yarns which have long staple yarn values and highest strength values, are preferred to be used in production
The yarns which have the prooerties of Famateks standart, are ready for the use of weawing expert professionals  after completing the weaving preparation process.    
Famateks has 8 dobby terry weaving looms and 4 jacquard terr weaving looms inhouse.

The traceability of each production step from yarn supplying until confection of the final product is provided by the help of quality control manner of the Famateks which settles quality control during production processes of each step.

The weaved terry fabrics, are processed in the high technology dyeing houses for the dyeing and finishing processes.  After the colour and feeling analysis in the laboratory, the fabrics are dyed totally with eco-frindly dyeing materials.

The confection processes are realized with the highest attention and importance. The emboidery designs can be applied upon our demands of our customers.

The final products are checked at the final quality control point and packed for the shipment.